Dalcione Reis Vollink 

Mathematics Teacher

Rational Expressions "Can't you just cross out the a's?"

Teaching Philosophy

My educational philosophy is fairly simple. I am a stern teacher, yet fun, and I expect my students to learn and excel. I would like all students to learn (not temporarily memorize) and gain confidence in mathematics. I am an advocate of utilizing technology however I am also aware of when basic skills need to be reviewed and focused on prior to using technology.

I do not agree that math can be broken into individual, detached packets of information, it should be cumulative and revisited often. I use a daily assessment as my dip stick and as lesson reinforcement.

I think a path to success with students is to make vocabulary an important facet of their learning. Student should learn how to "speak" math. I have had success in the past with my method of stressing the language of math blended with daily reinforcement, fun and application of skills.

I also feel that it is important to have good relationships with students. I enjoy getting to know students and creating a comfortable environment in order to make them smile, perhaps even laugh in my class or outside of school.

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