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Mathematics Teacher


Q: Please explain how your past personal and professional experiences make you a quality candidate for the position for which you are applying.

A: I have over six years professional experience as high school math teacher. In those years I have gained experience with all sorts of students and parents. I have experienced some intense situations as well as appreciated the work ethic, languages and cultures of so many students and families. I have learned to be resourceful and creative when technology is not an option. I have also experienced the hardships of the working poor and how to develop a relationship with some students that is both teacher and family member.
Personally I remember what is was like to get frustrated with school material as well as the drama, stress and social pressures that come with being in high school or middle school. I know that quick change from calm to sobbing or screaming when frustration or a feeling of inferiority sets in. I like to think of myself as someone the students would feel comfortable talking to about their day to day affairs. I have the personal experience of being a student myself for so long that I try to picture myself as a student in my class and constantly keep the energy moving so that I would not be bored or tired of my own class.
I also have experience knowing where the common stumbling blocks in mathematics occur. I have been through them myself and can share my experience with the student of my own difficulty with a concept. I think my personal and professional experience come together to make me a good candidate for a high school or middle school math position. I have the content knowledge, energy as well as the multi-faceted experience that come together to create a quality teacher and hopefully a quality candidate for this position.

Q: What are your goals in the profession of teaching?

  1. To gain a reputation as a stern but fair and fun teacher who makes students work, learn and perhaps even enjoy math class.
  2. To obtain a Master’s Degree in Mathematics or Mathematics Education.
  3. To write my own math textbook.
  4. To create and maintain a free website that offers assessments, practice, projects, advice, lesson plans and fun activities for teachers and students.

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